About Luxury Villa Sales

LVS Marbella LVS Marbella was founded by James Johnston.  A successful entrepreneur with 25 years experience in the Marbella real estate sector. Our offices are on the famous Marbella Golden Mile in front of the luxury Marbella Club Hotel. The company make extensive use of the latest technologies.  Our own IT staff ensure we have great presence on the internet and all social media platforms. 
This combination ensures LVS Marbella are able to provide a unique service.  With a high profile office location and extensive use of the latest technologies.  Maximising your property’s exposure to potential buyers.  We can create media rich websites for individual properties.  Giving buyers access to a wealth of information.  Including high quality images, aerial photographs and video tours.
LVS Marbella has a small friendly team of approachable sales agents.  All with extensive real estate experience and a good knowledge of the Marbella area. If you need any help or information on your property search they are there to help.  Do not hesitate to contact them by phone or email.
Our experienced multi national team members thrive on finding suitable properties for potential buyers. We speak English, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Norwegian and French.  They collaborate with many other agencies along the coast.  This enables them to offer clients all the best properties for sale in Marbella.  
As a buyer our exclusive marketing methods ensure you do not waste time searching for a property online. We have an extensive portfolio of deluxe properties for sale in Marbella.  From luxury Sierra Blanca villas to spectacular  Golden Mile penthouse apartments . We have made the process of searching for a property for sale in Marbella as simple as possible.  

Marbella Luxury Villa Sales Team

Our Team.  Left to right.  Enrico Calabrese, Carin Astrup, James Johnston, Diana Díaz, Yoichi Kato and Dan Wardle.

Meet the Luxury Villa Sales team

Carin Astrup - Marketing Manager

I am originally from: Sweden

Places I have lived: Sweden, Germany, England, USA (Arizona and California), Norway and Spain

Why I chose to live in/what I love about Marbella: I love the southern Mediterranean climate. 320 days of sunshine each year, warm winters and of course being by the sea and palm trees. I find Marbella to be very much like California, indeed it is known as the California of Europe. It's very international and in many ways liberal.

What I love about my job: I love working in marketing as it's all about figuring out the psychology of people and trying to connect with them. I also get to meet vendors, buyers and suppliers during what can be both an exciting and stressful time. I enjoy resolving their issues and concerns and meeting their needs with solutions. Using the knowledge and experience that Luxury Villa Sales and I can offer with the services and products we have. Marketing is about adding value and serving people. I love to add value and help people.

What I enjoy doing when not at work: I am a fitness freak and I love exercising in natural surroundings. Marbella is perfect for this as it is a great place for outdoor living. Running or biking by the sea, or in the mountains, makes me feel free and energized. I also love to explore and travel the world.

In addition, I love learning new things and to evolve as a person. I enjoy reading a good book and spending time with my family and good friends.

Interesting fact about me: I'm a fitness professional, and a life coach and I think human behavior is among the most interesting things to study. I have sky dived several times and adrenalin is my sugar.

Paul Bell - IT Manager

I am originally from: England

Places I have lived: England and here in sunny Marbella, Spain

Why I chose to live in/what I love about Marbella: I moved here for quality of life back in 2005 with two young daughters. It is a great place to bring up a family. I wanted my daughters to experience another culture, living a healthy outdoor lifestyle away from hand held devices. In a place where they could make friends from all over the world and learn a second language. Spain is a very family centric culture and children are welcome everywhere you go. Of course the fact the sun shines over 320 days a year and the earliest it gets dark in the winter months is 6 pm helped!

What I love about my job: I love informing others about what is so great about Marbella. Producing exciting marketing content, great videos and websites representing spectacular Marbella area properties. Also learning new technologies and using these to reach potential global buyers.

What I enjoy doing when not at work: I love the outdoor Mediterranean lifestyle. Kayaking and paddle boarding on the Mediterranean. Hiking and cycling in spectacular Andalucian scenery. I am also a motorcycle and car fanatic. Spain is a heaven for 'petrolheads' with spectacular empty roads. There are so many great places to visit and explore.

Interesting fact about me: I guess proof of my hobbies. I cycled across Spain from the north to the south coast in 12 days. Along with a friend I drove a Ferrari in the famous 4 day Mille Miglia race in Italy. We drove the race car from Nottingham in the UK to Rome and back as part of the same adventure.

Enrico Calabrese - Sales AdvisorEnrico Calabrese Marbella Luxury Villa Sales

I am originally from: Italy

Places I have lived: Naples, New York, London, Marbella

Why I chose to live in/what I love about Marbella: Marbella is a very international town with a high quality of life and excellent weather all year around. I also like the Andalucian culture which is very similar to the south of Italy where I come from. Warm, friendly and easy going people.

What I love about my job: So many aspects to love about the Marbella real estate industry. I love to learn how a property has been built and to recognise good quality finishes. In Italy we are passionate about details and we believe they make the difference. In Marbella we can find superb properties that have been built to the highest standards and world class architecture.

What I enjoy doing when not at work: I like to spend time with my family, especially when we do outdoor activities. I have a passion for motorbikes and enjoy riding my bike through the beautiful Andalucian scenery.

Interesting fact about me: Before joining the real estate world I used to work in the luxury fashion industry in the UK. In this role I had the opportunity to dress numerous celebrities. These included actors, singers, football players, politicians and many of the richest people in the world.

Diana Díaz - Office ManagerDiana Diaz Marbella luxury Villa Sales

I am originally from: Colombia

Places I have lived: Colombia(Bogotá), United Kingdom (Cardiff and London) and Spain (Marbella)

Why I chose to live in/what I love about Marbella: Coming from a busy capital like Bogotá, and after living for several years in London, I love the fact that Marbella has a lot of life and some city vibes. Yet without the stress and hecticness of large cities. It has the perfect balance and for me it's quality of life has no parallel in Europe. Marbella is very multicultural yet it preserves it's Spanish warmth and charming character.

What I love about my job: What I love the most is supporting the Luxury Villa Sales team and looking after its wellbeing. I find this a very rewarding part of my role and I believe the success of any company depends on the happiness of its team. There is a lot of movement dealing with the day to day running of an office and this perfectly fits my character. I am a very multi-tasking person with lots of energy and running the Marbella LVS office makes great use of these qualities.

What I enjoy doing when not at work: Spending time outdoors in nature is the perfect plan for me. Either at the beach or in the countryside. I find it relaxing and energising. Living here in Marbella we are privileged to be able to choose between a wide variety of nature-related activities. Either a walk on Marbella´s beach promenade with my family, with friends having a picnic in the countryside or relaxing by myself reading a book at the beach. The Marbella area offers countless great opportunities.

Interesting fact about me: I am super curious about many topics but one of them is nutrition. I LOVE desserts and I have a passion for cooking creative-healthy desserts to calm my sweet cravings without the bad additives and refined sugar the food industry offers at the moment. Marbella has plenty of organic farmers markets with fresh local produce I like to use in my creations.

Daniel Wardle - Sales Advisor

I am originally from: England

Places I have lived: England and the amazing Marbella

Why I chose to live in/what I love about Marbella: I love living here because the sun is always out and its nice and warm. The people here are very friendly and the food is great. To be able to bring my daughter up here in the sun and for her to enjoy being outside playing in the garden or on the beach is a dream.

What I love about my job: I love being able to help clients buy a property here and live the best life in the sun like me and my family do.

What I enjoy doing when not at work: Spending time with my family. Trying new restaurants with friends. Playing golf on the best golf courses in europe and also playing football with friends.

Interesting fact about me: I used to play football for the UK club Leyton Orient and have played football against Chelsea and Sevilla.